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Trophy Hunting ~ New Mexico ~ Arizona ~ Sonora Mex.

Cola Blanca Outfitters

Cola Blanca Outfitters 

Western Big Game Outfitter

Dan Bishop   Cell# 520-664-4536

PERMITTED: Gila Nat'l Forest NM. / Apache-Sitgeraves Nat'l Forest Az./ Lincoln Nat'l Forest NM

  Cola Blanca means whitetail-tail in Spanish, And that is where we started over 20 years ago.  Outfitting Trophy Coues deer in Sonora Mexico during the January rut. Several of our clients ask if we could assist them in Trophy Elk, Antelope & Mule deer hunts as well.  So now Coues deer hunts are not the only thing we do, it's the only thing we do in January. We now also offer a wide array of Quality big game hunts through-out Arizona, New Mexico & Sonora Mexico.

  We are working with select landowners, and through the Arizona and New Mexico states big game draw systems to be able to help provide you the highest Quality big game (Elk, Deer, Antelope & Sheep) hunting opportunities tailored to fit your specific needs.

Testimonials :

   "I've hunted many times with Dan Bishop's Cola Blanca Outfitters because they do their homework. They have the best properties and know both the landscape and the game that resides on it. They are in a word , "pros"

Chris Dorsey  "RAM Outdoorsman TV'

“I’m three-for-three with Dan and Cola Blanca Outfitters. A great New Mexico Antelope, a great Coues deer in Sonora now a fantastic Elk in New Mexico. He’s a no ‘BS’ outfitter that get’s it done as long as your willing to put in the work to do it.”


                                                        Alan Kirschenbaum - Louisville, KY

                                                        Life Member SCI, Dallas Safari Club & NRA


  "My first Coues Whitetail hunt with Cola Blanca Outfitters has been written down in my journals as a topnotch outfit and hunting adventure. I will always associate Cola Blanca Outfitters with knowable guides, plentiful game, outstanding food, and the dedication to provide a supreme hunting experience. You and your staff have set the bar extremely high for all of my future guided hunts to be measured against. 


Thank you Dan and Cola Blanca Outfitters for providing me with truly a hunt of a life time. Cola Blanca Outfitters is the epitome of what hunting is all about. Thanks again Dan for everything and I look forward to doing it all over again”.

                                                                                       Kerwin Schetter     Ca,       ______________________________________________________________



 “I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to tell you how much fun I had on the trip.  You run a top notch program and I was proud to be a part of it. I have been in over 10 different hunting camps, and I can say that yours is

at the top.  I look forward to next year.  Let's talk on some antelope hunts”.

                                                                                     Mike Johnson   Phoenix , Az.




  “I just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you how much fun I had on our coues deer hunt with Cola Blanca Outfitters. I am fortunate enough to participate in several quality big game hunts every year and I must say that coues deer hunting with Cola Blanca Outfitters is turning in to one of my favorite hunts. We saw 2-3 Boone & Crocket bucks this year and that is not even counting Chris Denham’s monster that ended up taping out at 125”.

   It seems like your operation gets better and better every year from the paperwork, accommodations and of course the deer. I look forward to bringing a group back next year. I don’t know if we can ever top this year’s hunt but it is always worth a shot”.

                                                                John Mogle ~ Pres.  Christensen Arms   ______________________________________________________________



   “I've already got guys that want to go next year so I guess we'll just have to get some dates figured out.  Thanks again for a great trip, it was one of the best hunts of my life.”

                                        Paul Kendall  “ Never  Enough Western Big Game Hunting”





   “I had a great time!  Tell Rick I only gained a couple pounds, so he will have to try harder next time.  You have a real nice operation going on down there, and I wish you continued success!  Thanks again for a great hunt”.

                                                                                         Dave  Owens   Phoenix, Az.



   “ I had an absolute blast on this trip. Darin was an awesome Chef.  Robby an incredible Guide and Dan, of course, a stud of an Outfitter. I can’t tell you how much i enjoyed myself...... was really sorry to see the hunt end. I think this is one of those “ Annual “ hunts for the rest of my years.

                                                                                   Kelly Davis ~ pres. Hunts Inc.


  P.S. The temp was in the 70’s everyday. NO SNOW!!!! I came home to 30 degree weather and 3 feet of 


  “Thanks for the awesome Elk hunt and making me hold off for a better bull. The one i got was just fantastic. I will definitely be in touch with you down the road to set up another hunt.”  

                                                                   Thanks Derick Ransford  ~ New York


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